Career and Personal Development at the Sirato Group

From onboarding to leadership programs – ensuring a steep learning curve and rapid development.

Our Internal Training and Development Program

As a young company, we do have ambitious goals. At the same time, we want to offer our employees the best opportunities for personal and professional development. To ensure a steep learning curve, all colleagues have the opportunity to pass through various training programs and workshops as well as to benefit from the experience of other colleagues and external coaches

Getting Started at the Sirato Group

Our onboarding program for a successful start

We pay special attention to the induction period, which is why every new employee joins our onboarding program and receives support from a mentor on professional and personal issues. By closely linking theory and practice in the first few months, our employees acquire the most important basics and quickly celebrate their first successes in their new job.

Personal and Professional Development

Training opportunities for continuous progress

Our internal training and development department supports employees during their entry into the company and beyond. Further development programs and training provide professional input and experience of other colleagues as well as impulses for personal development. In the spirit of "lifelong learning", we not only want to constantly improve as a company, but also offer our employees precisely these options.

Leadership Training

Leadership programs as part of our organizational development

Our employees can take responsibility for a dedicated area of expertise and the development of their team. Therefore, we offer various leadership programs that deal with topics related to leadership, communication, and feedback, but also organizational and business development. The goal is to provide our team members with the most important tools and methods so that they can develop into reliable and competent leaders.

Our Onboarding Program

Starting Your Job at the Sirato Group

Our onboarding program consists of three important components to equip our new colleagues with all the important skills and methods to quickly gain a foothold in their new job and celebrate their first successes. This involves both professional and personal development and preparation for the new area of responsibility.  

Training as Part of the Onboarding Program

In various workshops, new colleagues acquire all the relevant sales tools and techniques to successfully apply them in day-to-day business. We also prepare each employee for his or her future area of expertise so that communication can take place at eye level with customers and candidates right from the start. All employees outside the sales department also benefit from this onboarding program. This ensures that they quickly understand our business model and connect with the team. 

Individual Coaching in Everyday Business

To quickly apply the theoretical knowledge in everyday business, each employee benefits from individual coaching sessions. Here, our coaches analyze the theoretical knowledge and give each colleague tips on how to optimize their working methods and celebrate quick successes. Through direct feedback, the training content is quickly deepened and internalized.  

Support from a personal mentor

Every new employee is assigned to a personal mentor who is available to answer any questions they may have on a day-to-day basis on both technical and personal issues. The goal is to have a trusted advisor, but also to quickly connect with the existing team so that they feel comfortable in their new job from day one. The role of our mentors is executed by an experienced sales consultant. 

Our In-house Trainers

Our Training & Development department accompanies our colleagues from day one. From the onboarding program to leadership training, they provide valuable input to help our employees develop both professionally and personally in the best way. 

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Francisca Wider
Head of Talent Development & Training
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Adriana Hallen
Junior Consultant Talent Development & Training