Your Career at the Sirato Group

A strong mission, big goals, and the best team are waiting for you!
Karriere bei der Sirato Group

About Us

We are a young company based in the heart of Munich looking for motivated colleagues to join our team. Do you want to go on an exciting journey and grow big with us. The Sirato Group is a highly specialized recruitment agency that focuses on the placement of IT experts.

We match companies with specialists and executives in the field of IT and digitalization and constantly exchange ideas with IT experts on exciting topics and new developments. Our goal is to connect the right people at the right time for new projects or open positions. We all work together to achieve the best possible result for our customers but also for us as a team.  

What Drives Us

Sirato Empowers Agile Companies by Providing Highly Qualified IT Specialists for the Digital Future.

Our goal is to become the best contact and first choice for the placement of experts in the field of IT and digitalization. We want to support agile companies to digitalize processes and make new developments by providing the right IT experts at the right time.  

Working at the Sirato Group

We Want Our Employees to Outgrow Themselves

We want to offer not only a job but the best opportunities for our employee’s individual development and career. 


Our Team is very important to us because cooperation is the only way to reach our goals. There are no lone wolves at Sirato. For us, it is “one for all”. We join forces and support each other.


Personal development is particularly important to us. From day one, we offer not only an onboarding program but also further training opportunities followed by leadership programs.


We want everyone to take responsibility for their dedicated area of expertise. We provide our colleagues with all the necessary knowledge and methods as well as the confidence to develop and thrive.

What we offer

Flexibility & hybrid work

A healthy work-life balance is important to us. We implemented a hybrid work model during the pandemic which taught us the benefits of working remotely. We also have core hours, so our colleagues are free to arrange their off-peak time as they wish. This allows them to balance their private and professional lives even better.

Personal development

To provide each new employee with the best onboarding, we have a special program for your first months at the Sirato Group. All new employees experience this time together and learn important background information about our company as well as theoretical basics for their new job.  

Secure prospects for the future

The number of jobs in the IT sector is on the rise and this is not going to change anytime soon. This makes our job of placing IT specialists more and more important. Therefore, we are working in a very secure industry. At the same time, the world of IT and digitization is incredibly diverse and characterized by new developments, which makes everyday life particularly exciting. Our employees also receive permanent employment contracts and an above-average salary. 


Snacks, sports and more

We offer our employees a wide range of different sports and catering options. In addition to delicious coffee, snacks, and fruit as well as fresh orange juice, there is a free lunch offered twice a week. We also have a sports room in the office that can be used individually or as part of a joint workout with a personal trainer or yogi. Furthermore, we cooperate with local gyms in Munich, so our employees benefit from discounted memberships. 

Our Corporate Values

What’s Important to Us

Result Orientation

We do have ambitious goals and work as a team to achieve them. Each employee contributes to our success with his or her individual results. We also define milestones for your own career. 


To create commitment, we live open and transparent communication with our clients and candidates but within our team. Everyone should be able to always rely on us 100%. 


Our employees take on responsibility from the very beginning within their projects or areas. Personal responsibility is a priority for us, so we encourage and demand it from our colleagues. 


We are passionate about our work. We want our clients and candidates to feel this in every interaction with us. At the same time, this is how we motivate each other for our work every day. 


Treating each other with respect is important to us. For us, this means open and honest communication at eye level both within our team and externally with our clients and candidates.