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With our service, we aim to match companies with highly qualified specialists and managers to drive progress in the field of IT and digitalization.

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The shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry is increasingly putting a strain on the ongoing digitalization of organizations. Not only large corporations are affected, but also small and medium-sized companies or startups that urgently need IT experts to drive digital transformation in their organization. We aim to provide companies with the right IT specialists quickly, easily, and without complications.  

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The Easiest Way to Recruit IT Specialists

Digital Strategy & Innovation

Successfully implementing digital transformation in companies is a major challenge. At the same time, due to the high number of market competitors, the pressure to innovate is enormous. These new innovations must be integrated in a long-term, sustainable, and cost-effective manner. This process requires planning and expertise. We will find the right specialist to strategically drive forward the digital transformation of your company.


DevOps (“Development” and “Operations”) connects people, processes, and technologies to continuously deliver high-quality software products to customers. DevOps methods and tools enable business units to work together more effectively and therefore respond more specifically to customer needs. Teams thus increase their productivity, flexibly adapt their products to the market and competition, and achieve better results. We offer support in the search for experts in the field of DevOps.

Software Development

Software development usually includes a requirements analysis, planning and designing of the software, implementation, testing, and documentation as well as deployment and maintenance. Find suitable specialists in the field of software development with the Sirato Group.

AI & Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables the machine execution of activities through the data-based mapping of cognitive intelligence. It opens new perspectives for Blockchain technology, a system for documenting and exchanging digital information, which is characterized by high security and transparency. The interplay of AI & Blockchain holds enormous potential. We are recruiting IT specialists in the field of AI & Blockchain.

Big Data, Data Science & Analytics

Big Data describes large volumes of data that can hardly or not at all be processed using conventional methods. If companies succeed in structuring this collected data, it can be used in conjunction with data science and analytics for strategic decision-making. With us, you will find the right experts in the field of Big Data, Data Science & Analytics.

Cloud Solutions & Database

Cloud computing enables users to access databases from any location. In addition, the storage capacities of cloud-based databases grow with the demands of your business and minimize risks through data backups on remote servers. However, switching from local databases to cloud solutions is a major technical change. We provide support in finding experts in the field of Cloud Solutions & Database.

OS-System & Administration

Operating systems need to be continuously upgraded and managed to ensure the maintenance of your company’s IT infrastructure. This includes the administration of servers and workstations, the maintenance of hardware and software, or the backup and recovery of data. Find the right specialist personnel in the area of OS systems and administration with us.

ERP & CRM Systeme

ERP (=Enterprise Resource Planning) describes the effective planning and management of company resources. ERP systems are software tools that are used for this purpose in companies. CRM (=Customer Relationship Management) refers to the establishment and maintenance of customer loyalty. CRM systems centralize customer data and thus facilitate relationship management. With us, you will find IT specialists for the implementation of new ERP and CRM systems.

Hardware & Storage

Companies place a wide range of demands on hardware equipment and storage solutions. The loss of a single unit can hinder entire business processes or even bring them to a complete standstill. Hardware & storage systems are maintained by qualified specialists. We provide support in the search for IT experts in the field of hardware and storage systems.

UI & UX Design

UI and UX designers create intuitive user interfaces based on the product or service needs of the user. UI (=User Interface) describes the visual design of the user interface, whereas UX (=User Experience) deals with the development of user-friendly solutions that allow users to navigate easily and quickly. We recruit qualified UI and UX designers for you.

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