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The requirements for companies in today’s world are becoming increasingly complex. Processes should be as simple, agile, and digital as possible, and experienced experts are needed in many areas in order to implement these projects successfully. At the same time, these specialists are not always available to all companies and a bottleneck caused by the shortage of skilled workers complicates the situation for many companies.  

The Sirato Group has specialized exclusively in the IT and digitalization sector to provide the urgently needed technical experts to small and medium-sized companies. As a customer, you will benefit from our deep-rooted network of highly qualified specialists for both permanent positions and freelance projects. 

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Benefit from our Service as a Recruitment Agency

As a specialized recruitment agency in the field of IT and digitization, we talk to both important decision-makers like you als well as sought-after specialists on the market. This provides us with a broad overview of the current market situation and recent developments.


We want our processes to be straightforward. You can rely on your personal point of contact, who will accompany you from the initial meeting to the conclusion of the contract. We consider ourselves to be your performance partner. 


We follow the 360° recruiting model. Therefore, our consultants manage both clients and candidates within their field to ensure a smooth and complication-free process. We aim to act as a time saver. 


Our consultants are specialized in a clearly defined market to have in-depth knowledge within their field. Our goal is to find the best expert fitting 100% of your requirements. We see ourselves as an expert magnet for your business. 


Legal Assurance and trust are the essential basis for successful cooperation. Therefore, discretion, as well as compliance with all standards through appropriate measures, are a matter of course. We have the claim to be a compliance guarantor. 

Your Advantages

Specialization in IT and Digitalization

The Sirato Group exclusively works in the IT and digitalization sector. Our consultants have a clear focus and advise you on the feasibility and planning of your projects based on their expertise and knowledge.

Highly Qualified Consultants

Our consultants are not only trained in recruiting and the corresponding methods but also in their area of expertise within IT. This means that they bring not only important specialist knowledge but also a good overview of current market developments to the consulting process.

Advisory Approach

Your satisfaction is our highest goal – not only during the recruiting process but also beyond. Our focus is not on a quick conclusion, but on advising you on your individual questions, for example regarding cultural fit or resource planning.


Our communication is absolutely transparent. We inform you about the progress of the process, but we are also open about the prospects of success and give honest feedback in case your project is not feasible.

Quick and Easy – Finding the Right IT Expert with the Sirato Group

We accompany you throughout the entire recruiting phase and take your requirements and circumstances into account planning the process individually 

Job Review

In our first meeting, we review the goals, specifications and general conditions. We also advise you on the feasibility and resource planning based on our longstanding experience.

Research and Qualification of Suitable Experts

We find potential candidates that fit your requirements in our deeply rooted network and take over the screening to qualify the pre-selected experts individually for your profile.

Interview Process

Our consultants take over the coordination and communication with the candidates for you and accompany you during the preparation and follow-up of the individual interviews. Advice on the professional and cultural fit plays a central role in this process.

Contract Negotiation

Once you have decided on the right IT expert, we accompany you during the contract negotiations and ensure that the contract is concluded to your satisfaction.

Long-term Support

Our goal is to work with our clients in the long term and become a trusted partner. We not only take care of the recruiting process but also advise on new topics and projects. As a mediator, we support you through potential challenges at any time.

Legal Security, Compliance, and Discretion

Trust and Security as the Basis of Our Cooperation

Trust is important for a goal-oriented and efficient cooperation. In order to achieve this, legal security, compliance, and discretion form the basis for our cooperation. 

Data protection

Personal data plays a decisive role in our daily work. The professional and secure handling of these is thus essential for our work. 


We are entrusted with a lot of confidential information, for example budgets or salaries, but also future plans. We treat these contents discreetly and confidentially. 


In recruiting and especially in the cooperation with freelancers there are many legal requirements and regulations. Compliance with these standards is crucial for our recruiting success. 

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