Security as the Basis for a Successful Collaboration

As a compliance guarantor, we strive to provide maximum security for our customers with our compliance management standards

Compliance Management

Legal Safety in Collaborating with Freelance IT Experts

Compliance means full adherence to all legal requirements and regulations, and we consider this crucial to success. Thus, compliance is the basis of our work in all areas. In recruiting, compliance plays an important role regarding data protection on the one hand, but also regarding the risk of false self-employment.

The protection of personal data is clearly and unambiguously regulated by GDPR in the EU. In cooperation with the Sirato Group, both organizations and specialists can rely on us to protect this data accordingly. We do not pass on any information to third parties without consent.

The collaboration between companies, freelancers, and individual entrepreneurs is also subject to legal requirements and guidelines, which are crucial for the legal assurance of this cooperation. The implementation and adherence to a consistent compliance process are thus key. The Sirato Group has defined a clear concept within the framework of compliance management for each recruiting process and also advises you on all important aspects – from the first interview throughout the cooperation during a project. Following these standards, we live up to our claim as a compliance guarantor and prevent the deliberate violation of the applicable rules.

Our Compliance Process

Important Steps to Minimize the Risk for Companies and Freelancers

Project Review

At the beginning of our cooperation, we assess your project regarding the feasibility and ensure a clearly defined framework allowing the collaboration with a self-employed expert. Any freelance project has to be independent of the daily business. This means that freelancer experts are not allowed to be integrated into corporate structures.

Qualification of Candidates with Our “Compliance Check”

Before we present potential IT experts to our clients, we not only screen the expertise and overall profile but all candidates need to pass our compliance check. This involves completing a self-disclosure with a questionnaire as well as a scoring system. We will only introduce you to candidates who successfully passed this assessment.

Guidance during the Interview Process

During the interview process, we constantly advise our clients and IT experts on possible challenges and the most important conditions to ensure a safe collaboration between freelancers and organizations. Especially during the interview process, we again individually address the framework parameters and mutual expectations.

Contract Processing and Service Description

The service description forms the contractual basis for the cooperation between companies and freelancers and is therefore essential for a successful and safe project. We support you in preparing this statement and advise you on the most relevant aspects.

Guidance during the Project Phase

Our goal is the best possible risk minimization throughout the project duration. Therefore, we will accompany you even after the contract has been closed. Our consultants are trained to regularly review crucial aspects for secure cooperation and provide guidance in this regard. This way, you can complete your project safely and successfully.

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