Freelance Specialists for IT and Digitalization Projects in Your Organization

As a specialized recruitment agency, the Sirato Group collaborates with highly qualified IT specialists in a variety of fields

Freelancers are an Important Resource for IT and Digitalization Projects

The demand for IT professionals is enormous: in 2021, 96,000 positions were open in this field. The pressure to further develop internal structures and drive digital transformation is enormous for many organizations in a wide range of industries. This progress is often essential for long-term competitiveness and a strong market position, but oftentimes, external expertise and experience are required to successfully implement this development. Especially for temporary projects or particularly complex requirements, it can be preferable to rely on the vast expertise of freelance IT specialists who provide support in these specific cases for a limited time.  

The Sirato Group collaborates with a large network of IT freelancers who support companies across a wide range of industries and thus bring valuable long-term experience from a variety of projects.  

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Joining Forces with Freelancers in Collaboration with the Sirato Group 


As a performance partner, you can rely on your contact person from the first conversation until the successful completion of a project. 

Finding the right IT freelancer is often difficult and requires a network within these professionals to really find the best expert. We work with a large number of IT specialists, even on a long-term basis, who have suitable references from previous projects and can thus prove the qualification and quality of their work. We also advise you on the feasibility and resource planning for your project and help you find the optimal solution. We simplify and digitalize recruiting processes and are constantly improving our service. 


We aim to be a compliance guarantor for both our IT experts and clients and minimize any risk to a maximum. 

For us, legal security forms the basis of every collaboration. We have developed a clear compliance management process and can thus minimize the risk of accusations of false self-employment or covert personnel leasing. Together with you, we draft a correct service description as the basis for a freelance project. Our consultants are trained to review critical compliance aspects throughout the entire process and advise you accordingly – even during the project phase.  

Advantages of Working with IT and Digitalization Freelancers

Freelancers advise a wide variety of companies as subject-related specialists and bring vast experience from working with different organizations. From a contractual point of view, a service contract is established between the Sirato Group and freelancers as well as between the Sirato Group and your company. This kind of cooperation with experienced IT specialists offers several advantages: 

Cross-industry knowledge

Freelancers are specialists in their field and bring external expertise from numerous projects around IT and digitization in organizations operating in different sectors. This cross-industry experience allows you to benefit from new perspectives and approaches for your organization in the future.

Transparent performance monitoring

The freelancer's services must be disclosed and clearly agreed on in the service description. This creates commitment for you and at the end of a project, you are able to assess whether the planned project implementation was successful.

Short onboarding period

The focus of the freelancer is always on the current project, and this gives you a clear focus on unambiguous goals. Freelance projects can often be implemented independently of internal project processes so that the onboarding period for new expert consultants is significantly shortened.

Holistic cost control

Freelancers are only paid for the actual time and effort spent on the service provided. This means that you have absolute control over your budget and are only remunerated for the work actually performed. There are no idle periods or other cost items.

Security for Companies and Freelancers

Compliance Management of the Sirato Group

Compliance is a topic that is becoming increasingly important across all industries. The legal requirements are not always clear but at the same time strict. As a consequence, the hesitation to work with freelancers has increased for many organizations. Nevertheless, these professionals offer crucial added value to ensure progress in many projects to bring them to a successful conclusion.  

To ensure legal assurance, the Sirato Group has developed strict regulations and a clear compliance management process. We work closely with our clients and candidates and consider it our duty to advise also on this level in order to live up to our claim as a compliance guarantor.