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Professionals for IT and Digitalization

The pandemic has tremendously accelerated digitalization and IT development across almost all organizations, and the pressure on companies has increased heavily in this area. Processes must become leaner, more agile, and more digital to remain competitive and maintain the current market position. At the same time, systems and infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex – due to legal requirements as well as further developments in data protection and IT security. As a result, companies are often forced to top up internal staff in these areas and create new positions in addition to temporary projects.  

This change has not only increased the need for suitable IT and digitization experts but new profiles and requirements have expanded the traditional career fields. The Sirato Group works with a large network of companies from a wide range of industries and highly qualified IT specialists to stay up to date about the latest developments and provide you with the right professionals and managers.  

Staffing Highly Qualified Professional and Management Positions


Recruiting can be time-consuming, especially for particularly complex or highly sought-after specialist and management positions. Finding and screening potential candidates for their qualifications and experience. In order to make the recruiting process as efficient as possible for you, we take care of the candidate search but cover the initial screening and pre-qualification of potential candidates. We will introduce you to the best pre-selected IT experts and you can decide on the best fit. During the interview process, your personal contact guides you and helps you review all options based on our longstanding expertise. 

As a timesaver, we aim to relieve your resources as much as possible so you can focus on other important issues. 


We have a large number of IT and digitization specialists within our expert network. Nevertheless, the requirements for IT specialists are just as diverse as the scope of subjects they are needed in. At the same time, the opportunities are evolving at an enormous pace constantly bringing new technologies and innovations to the market. To have the right candidate as a permanent employee it is important to find a specialist who keeps up with these developments. Thus, we not only assess the professional qualifications but also the fit concerning your culture and the future strategy of your company during the recruiting process. 

As an expert magnet, we will find the right IT expert to support you not only in your current challenges but also in the future. 

Advantages of Permanent IT and Digitalization Experts in Your Organization

When finding specialists and executives in permanent positions for clients, the Sirato Group acts as a traditional recruiter. We find the right IT expert for your vacancy and advise you on various candidates and their respective experience and qualifications. After a successful decision, the expert will work as a permanent employee in your company on a long-term basis. 

Loyalty, Interest, and Focus

Compared to freelancers, permanent experts and managers are loyal to an organization and accompany their employer on a long-term basis.

Monitoring and Instructions

A company is authorized to issue instructions to permanent employees and can define clear standards for collaboration.

Long-term Planning

Working with permanent employees to enhance their resource planning for longer-term projects in the future.

Commitment and Clear Agreements

Commitment, especially about agreements and arrangements, is often higher due to affiliation and loyalty.

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