IT and Digitalization Experts in Freelance Projects

Working successfully on freelance projects with the Sirato Group

Freelance Specialists for IT and Digitalization

The demand for specialists in the field of IT and digitalization has increased enormously, not least because of the developments in recent years. To meet this demand, a large number of experts is needed, often on a freelance basis, to support companies in a wide range of industries. Freelancers are essential for the economy because of their knowledge and versatile experience in different projects, especially in terms of progress and future development. 

Not all freelance projects are publicly advertised, and many of them are staffed within the network or via recruitment agencies. The Sirato Group aims to accompany you as a freelancer in the long term and work with you on various projects.  

Freelancer Projekte

We find the Ideal Project for You

Due to the high demand for skilled personnel, there is a wide variety of different IT projects offered in this field. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find the best opportunities and exciting tasks. The Sirato Group has a broad network of companies in a vast range of industries and can therefore find the best alternative based on your experience and goals.  


We strive for long-term cooperation with our freelancers. Working with us means that you can focus on your current project, and we will provide you with possible follow-up options. We represent your interests with the clients and act as a mediator if necessary not only during the application phase but also throughout the entire project. To keep all processes easy and smart for you, we are always working on optimizing our service with digital improvements.


It is our goal to make your freelance work as easy and efficient as possible, so we take care of finding any follow-up projects for you. During the recruiting phase, we take care of the coordination and communication with our clients and review the respective requirements and areas of responsibility. We support you by preparing and debriefing the different interviews and providing you with your next project.

Find Your Next Project in Our Job Market 

Are you looking for a new IT and digitalization project? Just start your job search and find new opportunities! 

Advantages of Freelance Work for IT Specialists

From a contractual perspective, the Sirato Group closes a service contract between both you as a freelancer as well as our client offering the specific project. Thus, the Sirato Group is your direct contact and accompanies you during the course of the project. You benefit from our standards regarding payment and invoicing. 

Freelancers advise companies in a wide range of industries as project-related specialists in temporary IT and digitization projects. As a freelancer, you can benefit from several advantages: 

Freedom and Independence

Your way of working is completely self-determined and the companies you work with have no authority to issue directives.

Diverse Tasks

You are free to choose any project you like and can decide for yourself which tasks you are interested in.


You are flexible to set your work and vacation as you wish.

Compliance in the Cooperation with Our Freelancers

Compliance is becoming increasingly important across all industries. This does not only affect companies, who face growing inhibitions about working with freelancers, but also the freelancers themselves. To ensure the legal security of all parties, the Sirato Group has a clearly defined compliance management process. 

We work closely with our clients and candidates and consider it our duty to advise them as best as possible, also regarding data security.